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    • Sex and Disability: Response to Research

      This essay presents the writer's response to the study conducted by Pebdani (2013), which pertains to the topic of sexual counseling for disabled clients. Three pages in length, one source is cited. ... MORE


      Focuses on particular types of data that might be gathered by healthcare organizations. Also discussed is how that data might be used. There are 2 sources listed in the bibliography of this 3-page paper. ... MORE

    • Out-of-School Program with JAG

      The school dropout rate has been declining but there are still more than a million people dropping out every year. This paper provides a report and analysis of one program that has been effective in helping students earn a high school diploma. It is a unique, multi-faceted program called Out-of-School Program under the Jobs for America's Graduates organization. The program is comprehensively explained. The report includes statistical data, two tables, appendices, and a table of contents. There are twelve sources used in this twelve page paper ... MORE

    • Leadership Theory and Application

      The paper is written in three separate sections. The first section identifies modern commercial leaders and looks at the way leadership theory may apply to their practice. The second section is the application of theory to a case study, identifying and presenting a solution to a leadership problem. The last section is a proposal for the student to develop their own leadership skills. Four sources are cited in the bibliography of this nineteen page paper. ... MORE

    • Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

      Few people realize how vulnerable healthcare operations systems, from electronic health records to connected medical devices, are to cyber attacks. There have been major cyber attacks against some healthcare organizations involving millions of patient records. This essay discuses three major threats to healthcare operation systems. There are five sources used in this five page paper.a ... MORE

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