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    • The Homelessness Problem

      This 3 page paper gives an explanation of how people become homelessness. This paper includes what leads to homelessness and what can be done by individuals to help the problem. Bibliography lists 3 sources. ... MORE

    • Scientific Questions Concerning Robots, Asteroids, and Uncertainty Principle

      This 3 page paper gives an answer to three questions one involving the laws of robotics, the second about asteroids, and the other about the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg. This paper includes which is the most important law of robotics and comparing Einstein to Heisenberg, and how the climate might change form asteroids. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

    • Bullying and Prevention of Delinquency

      This paper features two topics. the first relates to the bullying and the role it plays in regards to school shootings. The second topic discusses juvenile delinquency prevention programs. Three pages in length, one source is cited. ... MORE

    • O'Neill & Thomson (2013), An Article Review

      This paper discusses an article by O'Neill and Thomson (2013). This study pertains to persistence in regards to low-skiled adult learners. Three pages in length, one source is cited. ... MORE

    • The Use of ICT in Corporations

      One of the operations that we know gives a company a competitive advantage is a well-managed supply chain. Along the lines of corporate success is also the implementation of information and communications technology, in fact, companies cannot succeed today without it. This paper discusses ICT in terms of supply chain management. The essay represents part of a research study about the cement industry in Africa and whether or not ICT improves it. There are eight sources used in this 15 page paper. ... MORE

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