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    • Perspectives of Jesus

      The four Gospels in the Holy Bible offer a slightly different perspective of Jesus Christ, what he was like. This essay explains the portrait of Christ according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It also identifies the different titles for Christ found in John 1. There are three sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • Office Supply Stores

      Discount stores and e-commerce stores have created major challenges for specialty types of stores, like Office Depot, the second largest office supplies and services company in the company. They were once the largest in North America. This paper focuses on Office Depot's business strategies with examples. It comments on the acquisition of Office Max in 2013 and now, Staple's acquisition of Office Depot. There are six sources used in this four page paper. ... MORE

    • An American Dream Tragedy, The Great Gatsby

      This essay describes the thematic function of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Six pages in length, six sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Diverse Adult Learners/Teaching Styles

      This paper pertains to a literature review that focuses on scholarly evidence that is relevant to addressing the relationship of teaching styles and frameworks that aid in understanding culturally diverse adult learners. Twelve pages in length, fifteen sources are cited. ... MORE

    • A New Financial Bubble

      Car collecting began in the Great Depression when individuals restored their cars, then established clubs. That style was continued until the inception of classic car auctions in the 1970s. Given today's values and prices, many believe classic cars are in a financial bubble. The essay discusses this global market, how it began, how is has been maintained and sustained, and forecasts for the market. The writer comments on how this bubble affected some other goods. There are five sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

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