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    • Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil and His Reign

      This paper pertains to the rule of Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil. The writer describes his accomplishments, as well as the factors that contributed to the demise of the monarchy. Three pages in length, one source is cited. ... MORE

    • Personality Tests

      This paper discusses different personality assessments: it comments on how personality assessments and theories are influenced by the lack of a definition for personality. The paper discuses the MMPI and the NEO and how tests are used at work. There are four sources used in this three page paper ... MORE

    • Residencies for Registered Nurses

      It is well known that there is a significant shortage of registered nurses that will continue to grow. There is a difference of opinion about how prepared new graduates are when they begin work in a clinical setting. Nurse leaders do not think they are all prepared. The IOM published a report with several recommendations to remedy these situations. This essay discusses one of those recommendations-residencies for nurses. Examples of successful programs are included. Other sections include a problem statement, data regarding nurses, attrition, background on the problem, and a recommendation to resolve some of the issues. There are eight sources listed in the bibliography of this six page paper. ... MORE

    • Theme for English By Langston Hughes

      This essay analyzes the meaning of Langston Hughes' poem "Theme for English B." Three pages n length, two sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Five Themes for Increasing Performance

      Management was first studied during the early years of the industrial revolution. Theories and practices have changed dramatically since then. What has not changed is the continual search for ways to increase a company's performance. For that to happen, employees must perform at higher levels. This essay reacts to and reflects on an article entitled, "Creating High Performances Workplaces" by Martin Staubus who describes five themes related to performance. There is one sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

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