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    • Violent Video Games: Who Takes Responsibility

      This 4 page paper gives an answer to the question of who is responsible for violent video games. This paper includes the Supreme Court case for California banning sales of violent video games and the decision of the court that the law was unconstitutional. Bibliography list sources. ... MORE

    • Tobacco Sales Ban in Pharmacies

      This research paper focuses on the current trend in pharmacy policy to abandon the sale of tobacco products. The writer starts by reporting background information relative to the detrimental effects of tobacco products on health, as well as the motivation of pharmacies for instituting this policy, the effects of the ban, Nine pages in length, seven sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Chronic Lyme Disease

      Lyme disease is caused by a very specific tic that is carrying a particular bacteria. This essay explains the cause and treatment of Lyme disease, explains why the vaccine was put out of production, and comments on how to treat people with chronic Lyme disease. There are four sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • Analysis of Work: Laying Out the Bare Bones of Genocide

      This 3 page paper gives an overview of the work titled “Laying Out the Bare Bones of Genocide”. This paper includes a discussion of genocide and how to avoid the issue of indifference. Bibliography lists 1 source. ... MORE

    • Diversity and Making Excellence Inclusive for Education

      This 3 page paper gives an explanation about making excellence inclusive in education. This paper includes how diversity plays an important role in achieving academic excellence. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

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