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    • Breast Cancer and Big Data

      This paper offers an overview of Big Data and its influence and effects on cancer research. Three pages in length, four sources are cited. ... MORE


      Examines the ethics of Mark Hurd's leadership during his tenure at Hewlett-Packard. Discussions focus on the corporate spying and alleged sexual harassment scandals. There are 6 sources listed in the bibliography of this 7-page paper. ... MORE

    • Safe Water/Liberia

      This paper addresses the problem of access to safe, clean drinking water in Liberia, Five pages in length, seven sources are cited. ... MORE

    • A Case Study of PTSD and Sexual Abuse

      In a paper of 8 pages, the author reflects on the characterization of Charlie, a boy who experiences depression and PTSD symptoms after being molested. This author uses the character of Charlie from the film Perks of Being a Wallflower. The author then goes on to reflect the treatment modalities and their value for Charlie and his family. There are 8 sources used. ... MORE

    • Homosexuality, Theology: An Overview

      This paper pertains to theological issues and the debate over same-sex marriage and how to view homosexuality. Seven pages in length, ten sources are cited. ... MORE

  • Recent Papers

    • Frustrating Technology and Distance Learning

      In five pages this paper discusses some of the frustrations with technology students taking online classes experience. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. ... MORE

    • Post Communist Bulgaria and German Business Relocation

      In ten pages the Bulgarian relocation of German companies is discussed with avoidance of globalization's disadvantages among the topics addressed. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography. ... MORE

    • Unauthorized Migration to America

      This paper discusses the reasons for illegal migration into America. The paper also reports statistical evidence of the billions of dollars illegal immigrants cost both the state and federal governments. There are seven sources listed in the bibliography of this ten page paper. ... MORE

    • Water Pollution, Review of Literature

      This paper presents a brief discussion of scholarly literature that pertains to water pollution. Three pages in length, five sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Optimizing our Nutrition

      This paper discusses the importance of amino acids and fatty acids in our body's physiology. There are two sources listed in this five page paper. ... MORE

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