Free Research Papers On The Great Depression

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  • Canada's Great Depression

    In four pages this paper examines the causes of Canada's Great Depression in a discussion that includes 1930s' social policies.

  • The Onset of the Depression

    11 page and 4 sources cited. This paper considers the underlying reasons for the onset of the Great Depression. This paper takes a look at specific questions about the events and factors that led to the onset of the Great Depression. In conjunction, this paper also considers the factors that further defined the Depression and the implications relative to the needs of the growing number of poor. This paper suggests governmental responses to the Depression were responsible for the creation of the Social Security system in the United States.

  • The Depression in the United States and Roosevelt's Efforts at Relief

    3 pages and 1 source. This paper provides an overview of the factors that led to the onset of the Great Depression. In addition, this paper also considers the impacts of the Depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" system, which focused on necessary economic change in the U.S.

  • Comparing the Economic Depressions Between the US and Japan

    In nine pages this paper compares the current economic depression in Japan with the Great Depression in 1930s' America with failed banks, spending of consumers, monetary and fiscal policies among the topics discussed. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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