Recent Research Papers On Antenna Design

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  • A 'Smart' Antenna for Cell Phones

    In six pages this paper discusses the development of a 'smart' antenna designed to reduce cellular phone radiation. There are three bibliographic sources cited.

  • Discussion Questions on Instructional Design

    In a paper of four pages, the writer looks at instructional design. An existing design is critiqued, and a sample of a straightforward design is offered. Paper uses zero sources.

  • Are School Curriculums Designed for Socio-Economic Status

    It is no secret that some schools are better than others and some teachers are better than others. Is the curriculum in any school specifically designed based on the socio-economic status of the students? This paper discusses an article by Jean Anyon who argues there is a hidden curriculum that is designed for students of each socio-economic status. Her study makes a good case for this conclusion. There is one sourcelisted in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Title, Premise, Design for DNP Project

    This paper presents an outline for a student's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project. The paper describes the project title, premise and design. The DNP project proposes using an intervention that is designed to address depression among minority adolescents, which utilize a computer game. Five pages in length, five sources are cited

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