Research Paper On Foxes

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  • Christology of Matthew Fox

    A 30 page research paper that analyzes the theology and Christology of contemporary theologian Matthew Fox. While Fox's cosmology is embraced by many, it has also caused him to be at the center of tremendous controversy, as his ministry and writings strike many within the Catholic Church as against orthodoxy, if not completely heretical. This examination of Fox, his theology and the response to it attempts to examine literature, including Fox's own writings, in order to determine how best to judge the theological position of this popular contemporary theologian. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

  • So How "Evil" is Fox News?

    A review of the most liberal of the broadcast media and examination of blogs such as the Huffington Post reveals disgust and disdain for Fox News, even though Fox's nightly audiences are larger than those of MSNBC, CNN and others combined. The paper discusses McPhail's electronic colonialism theory and concludes that none of the news media outlets is truly impartial. Four pages, five sources.

  • Gretchen Fox And Fox Relocation Management Corp

    A 5 page paper that presents a profile of the company and of its founder. The essay discusses the company's growth and success and its strengths, which include a collaborative culture. The writer comments that weaknesses, if any, are not apparent and ends with comments about the company's future. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Matthew Fox and Socrates

    In three pages this paper contrasts the differing views on spirituality espoused by Socrates and Matthew Fox, a 20th century theologian and philosopher. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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