Research On Abortion Paper

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  • Pro and Con, Abortion

    This paper offers arguments on both sides of the abortion issue. Three pages in length, one source is cited,

  • Abortion Yes No or Maybe

    This paper explores the three opinions surrounding the abortion controversy. Those that support a woman’s right to seek an abortion often clash with those that believe abortion is synonymous with murder. The third camp of opinion is comprised of those that feel some circumstances but not others justify abortion. There are five sources in this 5 page paper.

  • Abortion in the United States

    A 7 page paper which examines the issue of legalized abortion in the United States. The paper argues that it is important for abortion to be legal. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Abortion and its Varying Legality

    In a paper of ten pages, the writer looks at the issue of abortion. Legal cases are explored, highlighting the often contradictory nature of decisions on abortion. Paper uses six sources.

  • Research on Advertising Concepts

    In a paper of three pages, the author evaluates two research articles that pertain to specific areas of marketing research. This researcher evaluated these articles in terms of the theoretical foundation, the framework, objectives, research model and results. This research identified the connection between these two articles on price advertising and corporate social responsibility to compare different views of the theories presented. There are two sources utilized.

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