Research Paper On Abstinence Programs

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  • Effectiveness of Drug Abstinence Programs

    In seven pages this research paper evaluates the effectiveness of programs on drug abstinence and considers various psychological determinants. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • STD Abstinence-Only Education/Is It Working?

    A 6 page research paper that examines what empirical studies and experts have to say about the content of sex education and whether abstinence-only programs should be preferred. The writer argues that this body of evidence indicates that while abstinence is an important message to send to teens, sex education should be comprehensive. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Sex Education Programs That are Broad Based vs. Based on Abstinence

    In a paper that contains twelve pages the arguments for abstinence sex education programs are compared with those advocating a more broad based approach and expresses the need in certain areas for a more broad based program in order to halt the incidences of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. There are six bibliographic sources cited.

  • Necessary Changes to Sex Education

    In eight pages this paper discusses why sex education programs need to change to focus less upon abstinence and more upon contraception instead. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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