Research Paper On Apple Watch

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  • Apple Computers' Struggle Against Microsoft.

    A paper that addresses the problems faced by Apple Computers, Inc. The author contends that Apple computers main competition, Microsoft, is the industry leader and maintains a monopoly on the home and business PC market. However according to the author, Microsoft's monopoly is due to a negative stigma on Apple Computers and clever marketing my Microsoft, not because Apple's are inferior. This five page paper has one source listed in the bibliography.

  • Apple Stores Big Success

    Due to the negative experiences they had had, Apple decided not to allow any store to carry their products until 2001 when the company opened the Apple Store. This paper provides an overview and SWOT analysis of Apple, Inc. and also discusses why their retail stores are so successful. There are thirteen sources used in this fifteen page paper.


    This 3-page paper provides an example of an article for the publication Marketing Scene about Apple Inc.'s target marketing efforts.

  • The Diminishing Importance of the iPod in Apples Product Portfolio

    The iPod is a product approaching maturity. The writer looks at the relevant importance of this product to Apple with a focus on the financial results. The paper start by tracking the level of revenue which iPod sales create as a proportion of Apples total sales, assesses the potential level of contribution they make toward profit, and finishes with consideration of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the product. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper.

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