Research Paper On Borderline Personality Disorder

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  • Girl, Interrupted And Borderline Personality

    This 6 page paper discusses the entitle movie and focuses on whether the writer believes the main character, Susanna, really did have borderline personality disorder. The writer recalls the era, the 1960s and what was happening in terms of Susanna's actions. The DSM criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder today are outlined and the writer suggests the one or two criteria the patient met. The essay continues with this type of discussion. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Sexual Abuse as a Cause of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

    The writer discusses the connection between Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and sexual abuse. The writer argues that the connection between BPD and abuse in childhood in general is well established, but new evidence suggests that a sexual component to the abuse may be even more detrimental to the development of a functioning personality than abuse alone. The paper is fifteen pages long and there are ten sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    This 40 page paper provides an overview of borderline personality disorder, BPD, and relates some current research about the connection between BPD and childhood sexual abuse, as well as between BPD and Bipolar Disorder (BD). Bibliography lists 25 sources.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

    The paper starts by reviewing the criteria for a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder according to DSM-IV and its’ incidence rate. Factors that may impact on the development of the condition are considered and treatments or intervention are outlines. The paper uses a case study presented by the student. Eleven sources are cited in this seven page paper.

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