Research Paper On Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones Using Microwaves

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  • Mobile Technology

    Wireless and mobile devices have become part of everyone's life even if they do not own a smart phone. This paper defines these technologies. It then compares the use of them between Delta Airlines and Southwest airlines. There are twelve sources used in this six page paper.

  • United Kingdom's Mobile Phone Industry

    In nine pages this paper presents an overview of the UK mobile phone industry in a consideration of the primary providers Orange, T Mobile, O2, and Vodafone. Six sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • iPhone and Android Companies

    The smart phone market is the primary one in which Apple and Google compete directly. Google gives its Android away while Apple charges high prices. Even so, it is the iPhone that is the gold standard in this market. External and internal analyses for each company are reported. There are ten sources used in this five page paper.

  • Overview of Mobile Commerce

    In six pages mobile commerce is examined in an overview that considers wireless application protocol and communications, p commerce, t commerce, and v commerce. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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