Research Paper On Bottled Water

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  • Bottled Versus Tap Water: Environmental Impact

    3 pages in length. Paying for water was as foreign a concept fifty years ago as traveling by jet-propelled body packs is now in the twenty-first century, however, the quality of today's tap water has declined to the point where bottled water has become a safer and more palatable option that consumers have responded to over the past three decades. Yet the environmental disadvantages of choosing bottled water over tap have been proven quite significant due to the necessary steps required to reach consumers. As Jungbluth (2005) found, it is not so much the content - as in carbonated or plain - that makes a greater environmental impact as it is the manufacturing and delivery aspects. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • Consumer Shifts and Cola Manufacturers

    In five pages shifting consumer tastes are examined in terms of cola manufacturers now concentrating on bottled water in light of declining cola sales. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Marketing Bottled Water in the UK

    The writer examines the market for bottled water in the UK, including the demand of potential growth, and then presents a marketing plan designed for a company that is considering entering the market, including an examination of the potential target market and the 4 P’s of product, price, placement and promotion. Five sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper

  • Comparative Analysis of Tap and Bottled Water

    Tap and bottled water are contrasted and compared in terms of their similarities and differences in a paper consisting of five pages. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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