Research Paper On Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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  • Summary and Review of Two Papers Using Meta Analysis

    The writer looks at two research papers that used meta-analysis as methodology, but are presented in very different ways. The two articles are "Determinants of retail patronage: A meta-analytical perspective" and Park & Gretel's " Success factors for destination marketing web sites: A qualitative meta-analysis". Two sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper.

  • How is Strategy Impacted by Institutional Factors?

    Institutional factors have a significant impact on firms. This paper considers the way that different institutional factors will influence the way strategies are, or should, be determined by firm that are in under developed and emergent economies. The type of institutional factors which may be present are identified, and then discussed in the context of strategy decision making. Twenty five sources are cited in the bibliography of this sixteen page paper.

  • Analysis of Macro Environmental Factors Influencing Samsung in the US

    The writer examines the external influences which impact on the electronics firm Samsung. The competitive environment is examined using an extended PEST analysis as well as Porter Five Forces framework. The analysis looks at the influences that Samsung is facing in the United States in 2013. Sixteen sources are cited in this fourteen page paper.

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