Research Paper On Brand Loyalty Pdf

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  • The Importance of Brand Loyalty

    The writer discusses various aspects of brand loyalty, including how to create it. The writer also describes brand value and equity, and the management of the brand asset. The paper is six pages long and there are five sources listed in the bibliography.


    This 3-page paper examines the concept of brand loyalty as it applies to cell phones (Sprint) and movies (Disney). Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Marketing Principles, Brand Loyalty and Globalization

    Marketing principles that should be considered by any international marketer are duly noted. The research report reviews literature to that end. This eleven page paper has eight sources listed in the bibliography.

  • MacIntosh Branding

    The writer describes branding in detail, paying special attention to the MacIntosh (Mac) brand, which is an example of passionate branding, which is also explained. The writer argues that part of the extreme loyalty of Mac users may be due to its passionate branding. The paper is fourteen pages long and there are nine sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Building Customer Loyalty Through Loyalty and Reward Schemes

    This 17 page paper looks at the way that companies try and create loyal customers with the use of reward schemes. The paper looks at the use of reward or loyalty schemes, how and why they have become so popular and the way loyalty is seen in the real world, including the idea of polygamous loyalty and the way they may support brand values and their potential to provide differentiation. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

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