Research Paper On Cash Flow Management

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  • Cash Flow Analysis of Kodak

    The writer uses the cash flow statements in the 10-k’s from 2005 – 2007 to assess the performance of the company in cash flow management and discusses areas where investors may have concern. Four sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper.


    This 7-page paper focuses on the purpose of a statement of cash flows (cash flow statement) and what it is. Also discussed are cash flow ratios. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Specific Issues Related to Cash Flow at a Small Company

    3 pages and 1 source. This paper provides an overview of the problems in assessing cash flow issues for one small company, called Perform, Inc. this paper provides an overview of the factors influencing their debt management and their cash flow issues.

  • The Use of Cash Flow Statements and the Significance of Assessments

    10 pages. This paper provides an overview of the nature of cash flow statements, including a view of how they should be used. This paper also relates the specific issues relative to compliance with cash flow statements and the use of an assessment process following their completion.

  • Allied Food Lemon Juice Case Study

    This 11 page paper looks at a case study supplied by the student. A company is looking at making an investment to expand and needs to assess the potential returns. The paper assesses the cash flows and looks at the NPV, IRR and payback period of the project and considers some potential influences such as changes in the terminal value and the cash flow. The bibliography cites 1 source.

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