Research Paper On Child Discipline

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  • The Effect of Corporal Punishment on the Development of the Child

    Spanking has fallen into disfavor as a method of discipline for children. This paper compares corporal punishment with other methods of child discipline, and concludes that it has a bad reputation for a good reason.This paper has four pages and six sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Children's Reactions to Being Told No

    Child discipline is the focus of this research paper consisting of twenty four pages in a consideration of how children react upon hearing the word no with techniques including Induction and Positive Discipline discussed. There is an exhaustive bibliography provided.

  • Aspects Of Spanking Children

    8 pages in length. Hardly was there a time before society became so politically correct and oversensitive to the aspect of discipline that children were routinely swatted for misbehaving. Whether done with a belt, spatula or by hand, a child who defied established boundaries or spoke out of turn would learn a quick and painful lesson that - in theory - would deter the same misconduct from occurring again. Indeed, some children were either too stubborn or careless and earned subsequent spankings for treading on thin behavioral ice, however, this form of punishment was practically universal in its ability to teach children about wrong and right. Today, however, spanking is listed as corporal punishment and can send a parent or caregiver to jail. The climate of child discipline has become so hot that there is no middle ground where advocates and critics reside; you are either a heathen for laying a hand on your child or you are a spineless parent for failing to control inappropriate behavior. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Child Spanking and Canadian Law

    In six pages this paper examines whether or not spanking should be used as a form of child discipline with the upholding of a law giving parents that right by the Supreme Court of Canada among the topics discussed. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Spanking as a Detrimental Form of Discipline

    In seven pages this paper examines studies that reveal spanking to be a detrimental form of child discipline with other corporal punishment options considered. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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