Research Paper On Yourself

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  • A Business Plan for Vernon and Sons Home Improvement

    This 5 page report describes a business plan for Vernon and Sons, a small start-up company that plans to employ two people full-time. The company is aiming at a growing market: people who start do-it-yourself projects but then find they need additional expert help. Vernon and Sons plans to be that help.

  • Expressing Yourself Through Clothing

    Different generations, occupations and corporations use clothing to communicate nonverbal signals about group member status and affiliation. This paper explores how different dress can influence reactions a person receives and their acceptance by other subcultures.This paper has six pages and seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • What Would You Put Yourself on the Line For

    Chris Dixon, a prolific writer and speaker is also an anarchist. This paper discusses some of his ideas and what he and peers are trying to do and what they believe in. Paul Freire's ideas about oppression are also discussed in this paper. There are two sources used in this three page paper.

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