Research Paper On Communication Skills

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  • Personal Communication Skills, a Self-Analysis

    This essay presents a hypothetical self-analysis of communication skills. The student's man weakness is negotiation skills, while the student's main strength is providing emotional support. Both of these communication issues are profiled. Three pages in length, three sources are cited.

  • Health Care Communication

    This 6 page paper provides a general overview of the importance of effective communication within the health care system. The discussions include: health care provider and patient; the need for communication skills to be learned, the need to recognize cultural and national communication differences, communication between professionals, and an example of how one organization set up its internal communication network. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Communication and Leadership

    This 16 page paper (including PowerPoint Presentation) examines the role of communication in leadership. The paper starts by looking at the topic of communication, how it takes place and potential problems. The paper then discusses leadership characteristics and styles and the way that style can impact on communication. The paper ends by considering the benefits of role play for leaders in developing leadership and communication skills. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • The Importance of Communication Skills in Management

    This paper examines the influence of communication in management, and the impact that proper communication skills can have on a manager's productivity. This six page paper has eight sources in the bibliography.

  • The History and Significance of Communication Skills

    This paper addresses the history of communication between employers and employees, and discusses various approaches to improving listening and communication skills. This ten page paper has five sources listed in the bibliography.

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