Research Paper On Consumer Perception Towards Patanjali

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  • A Proposal to Examine How The Effectiveness of Advertising May be Improved

    Advertising is undertaken to attract consumers and support sales. The research proposed has the aim of assesses the way that advertisements may have a direct impact on consumers and what factors may influence the consumers perception of an advertisement. The document is a fulfill research proposal including justification, research questions, literature review and methodology. Twelve sources are cited in this twelve page paper.

  • Perceptions, Products, and Marketing

    In ten pages this paper examines how direct and indirect marketing is not selling products to the consumer but rather consumer perceptions. Fifteen sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • What is Fair Pricing?

    The writer looks at the idea of fair pricing explaining what it is and how the perception of fair pricing will vary depending on different factors. The writer uses examples to explain the way the prevention of fair pricing varies and how it will impact on the firm and the consumers. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper.

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