Research Paper On Accounting Information Systems

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  • Small and Medium Business Accounting Information Systems

    In this five page paper the impact of accounting systems on small and medium sized businesses are assessed with such issues as the advantages of using a variety of computer systems and networks, possible operational problems security, and information availability discussed. There are nine bibliographic sources listed.

  • eBanking and its' Influence on Accounting Information Systems

    This 32 page paper looks at the use accounting information systems (AIS) in banks, and considers what impacts ebanking, or internet banking, has had on the AIS within banks. The paper starts with an introduction and discusses why and how this research is valuable. The use of AIS is then discusses before an in-depth look at the model of internet banks and the requirements that are made of any AIS within internet banking systems. This is examined to identify the areas of different which may have impacted on the evolution of AIS within banking. The bibliography cites 30 sources.

  • Financial Questions - the Four Accounting Statements and Use of Accounting Information

    The writer looks at two issues concerning the use of accounting information. The first part of the paper describes and explains the different financial statements that are found in a set of audited annual accounts. The second part of the paper looks at the value of accounting information in running a successful operation. Two sources are cited in the bibliography this three page paper.

  • The Major Shifts in Practices in Management Accounting

    10 pages and 16 sources. This paper provides an overview of the transformation of management accounting through the integration of technology. This paper outlines the basic factors influencing management accounting, including technological change, globalization and increasingly complex marketing strategies. This paper also defines some central accounting principles, including activity-based costing and enterprise resource planning, all of which have been integrated into the modernized business accounting systems.

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