Research Paper On Copyright

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  • Meanings of Copyright Laws

    International and domestic copyright laws are considered in this paper containing 8 pages which includes discussion of Internet copyright laws, WTO, WIPO, and the Copyright Law of 1976. There are 8 cited in the bibliography.

  • Copyright Issues 'Popeye is Not a Mickey Mouse Affair'

    In a paper consisting of 12 pages that consider the longstanding arguments that fictional characters should not be copyrighted through a discussion of the development of copyright laws in Japan that pertain to the popular and frequently copied characters of Mickey Mouse and Popeye. There are 12 sources included in the bibliography.

  • UK Case Study of Copyright Law

    In nine pages this paper is subdivided into sections and legally examines UK copyright issues with a case study and discussion of such case law as 1988's Copyright, Designs and Patents Bill. Seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Fair Use Doctrine and the Copyright Act of 1976, Title XVII

    In ten pages this paper discusses the case of GMG Studios Inc. v. Scarlet's BeneFilms Inc. in a consideration of copyright issues that involve the Fair Use Doctrine and Title 17 of the Copyright Act of 1976. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Application of Privacy and Copyright Laws in Australia

    The application of law, including common law, in the area of copyright and privacy are demonstrated with the use of sample scenarios where there is a need to apply the law to access if there are any actionable issues. The sentries involve a potential breach of copyright and a breach of privacy. Nine sources are cited in this sixteen page paper.

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