Research Paper On Credit Cards

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  • Should Your Company Accept Credit Cards Over the Internet?

    Nowadays, a company that cannot or will not accept credit cards for payment over the Internet is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of customer acceptance. This paper examines the issues a company wishing to start accepting credit cards must face, such as security and software available. This paper has seven pages and five sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Interest Rates and Credit Cards

    In three pages credit cards and their 4 types are examined with a comparison of 5 credit cards regarding fees, periods of grace, and interest rates in a consideration of their cost. Other issues discussed are different MasterCard and Visa costs and a virtual bank costs. Five sources are cited in the bibliography with the inclusion of one table.

  • The Role of Credit Card in Creating Money and Raising Living Standards due to the Impact on National Economies

    This 34 page paper argues that credit cards in the mass market will have a positive benefit on that economy, playing an important role in terms of credit creation which will increase the living standards in the country, directly due to the multiplier effect of the credit creation leading to more money in an economy indirectly as a result of the spending increasing the aggregate demand in an economy. The paper looks at the way credit creation takes place, considers the underlying economic theory, the development and use of credit cards and then examines 2 major credit card companies; VISA and American Express and the regional retail sales value figures in order to assess the level of credit creation that may be taking place. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

  • Health Economy and Credit Cards

    In five pages the effects of credit cards on the economy are examined and contrary to popular belief North Carolina State University economist Mike Walden claims that massive credit card debts are not necessarily indicative of an ailing economy. In fact it may actually be quite the contrary. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • An Examination of the Credit Card Industry in the United States

    The credit card industry has suffered as a result of the global recession which started in 2008. The writer is a good overview the industry, including a comprehensive history of the development and use of credit cards, before looking at the current industry structure, and the impact of economic influences as well as political influences on general operations as well as profitability of the industry. Porters Five Forces framework is been utilized to examine factors present in 2010. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography this ten page paper.

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