Research Paper On Data Privacy And Security

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  • Security and Secrecy Issues Following the Cases of Wen Ho Lee and Robert Hanssen

    This 10 page paper considers a range of security and secrecy issues following the cases of Robert Hanssen and Wen Ho Lee, in the light of the Webster Report. The paper discusses what policies and practices can be put into place to protect security, why securely breaches have taken place with specific attention to government organizations, the problem of balancing privacy and confidentiality issues with investigating espionage, the problems of data security and role of digital forensics and evidence standards and the short falls of many systems. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Issues Involving Computer Viruses

    In a paper consisting of twenty one pages compromised computer security and Internet privacy are just two of the issues considered with a discussion of viruses, consumer data scanning and an examination of the differences between illegal hacking and appropriate data mining is also included. Eighteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Analyzing a Security Guard Company

    A SWOT analysis of Command Security Corporation, one of more than 10,000 small companies providing security guards. Details a strong company with flexibility, and illustrates some concerns it has had. Includes statistical data.This paper has four pages and no sources are listed.

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