Research Paper On Dementia Example

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  • Assessment of a Bundle of Healthcare Services for Patients with Dementia

    The writer examines a pilot project to provide increased cost effective quality of care to dementia patient admitted to an acute ward. The particular issues associated with care and the vulnerability of patient suffering with dementia is discussed. The writer then looks at the project which included the setting up of a specific ward for dementia patients and an outreach program to support care for the patients in other wards. The way that the project fits in with the national policies and the National Dementia Strategy and legislation is all discussed.

  • Dementia

    An 8 page research paper on dementia. Dementia is often regarded by the general public to be a common, and therefore, a “normal,” part of aging. However, dementia is not normal, but is, rather, a pathological condition that prevents individuals who develop this neurological disorder from living autonomously and fully. Individuals suffering from dementia often become a burden on their families, as their loss of cognitive function makes independent living in older years impossible. It is important to accurately diagnose and treat dementia in order to provide a level of care that will facilitate, to the greatest extent possible, older individuals retaining autonomy and a high quality of life. In other words, knowledge of the various types of dementia and the nature of dementia is essential to providing a high level of care and in making decisions associated with the care of dementia patients. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Conditions in Old Age

    Dementia is becoming more prevalent because more people are living into older ages. As we age, we have a greater risk of getting one of these conditions. This paper discusses the reflections of an attendee at a presentation on Dementia and Suicide. There are three sources used in this three page paper.

  • Dementia Patients and Sexual Addiction

    In three pages this paper discusses dementia in elderly patients and how dementia can result in this consideration of etiology and types of treatment. There is 1 source cited in the bibliography.

  • Two Article Summaries

    The paper summarizes the contents of two articles; the first is entitled "Caregiver perspectives on safety in home dementia care" and the second "Sleep in dementia caregivers and the effect of a night time monitoring system". Two sources are cited in the bibliography of this three page paper.

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