Research Paper On Diabetes Mellitus Pdf

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  • Type One Diabetes Screening Tool

    This research paper reports on the development of a revised, validated screen tool for disorder eating among type one diabetes mellitus pediatric patients, the the Diabetes Eating Problem Survey (DEPS). Four pages in length, four sources are cited.

  • Nursing, Diabetes, and 3 Research Articles

    In this paper consisting of 5 pages a trio of diabetes mellitus studies conducted by nurse researchers are discussed with synopses supporting the importance of intervention and continued research in order to more efficiently improve diabetes self-management . There are 3 bibliographic sources cited.

  • Overview of Diabetes Mellitus and Its Implications

    In six pages diabetes mellitus is discussed in an overview of Type I and Type II and the implications these forms have in the long term including blindness, atherosclerosis, and kidney disease, among other diabetes caused maladies. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Discussion of Diabetes Mellitus

    In fifteen pages diabetes mellitus is examined in terms of the disease iteself, who it strikes, its consequences, and expenses with the emphasis being on the United States. Eighteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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