Research Paper On Doctors

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  • How Can Doctors Get Patients to Comply?

    Doctors who cultivate a good relationship with their patients have a better chance of getting the patient to comply with lifestyle and medication instructions. This paper examines the correlation between a good doctor-patient relationship and positive medical outcomes.This paper has seven pages and ten sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • The Law and Doctor-Patient Sexual Contact in California

    6 pages and 6 sources. This paper provides an overview of California Civil Code §43.5, which addresses the issue of sexual relationships between doctors and patients. This paper relates the case study of two individuals who sought counseling for marital problems and sought the services of a mental health professional. In the course of their treatment, the wife began having sexual relations with the psychiatrist. This paper covers the legal aspects of California Civil Code §43.5, including the limitations on lawsuits that can be pursued as a result of the law and the problems in seeking restitution for the negative impacts of a doctor's sexual contact with a patient.

  • Patient-Doctor Conflicts

    This essay reports the case of a depressed teenager who attempted suicide. The attending physician is not his regular doctor. The patient stormed out of the room before the doctor could say more than four sentences. The paper suggests other discussion openers that might have been more successful. The other case is a woman with severe diabetes who has already lost one leg but will not enter the hospital to get the disease under control. The essay suggests steps for each case. There are two sources used in this three page paper.

  • Official Physical Investigations and Medical Doctors

    In fifteen pages this paper examines official physical investigations and the role doctors' play in terms of the methodological and moral implications of this role. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Communication Between Doctors and Patients

    In eight pages this paper considers a research proposal regarding patient and doctor communications and whether or not this particular communication level is effective. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

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