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  • Marketing in Different Scenarios

    Marketing may be guided by the marketing mix, but the way marketing take place will vary depending on the different scenarios in which it takes place. The paper is written in three parts, the first part looks at the differences in marketing to different segments of the market, the second look at the differences in marketing goods and services, the final part looks at the differences that may be present when marketing in an international environment. Seven sources are cited in this eight page paper.

  • Integrated Communications Marketing Plan for Ecotourism

    The writer the potential market for ecotourism and then present a marketing plan designed to attract a specific target market. The marketing plan incorporates the identification of the market segments, objectives, an examination of the target market and design of an integrated communications marketing campaign. 10 sources are cited in the bibliography this nine page paper.

  • Marketing a Hospital

    This 10 page paper considers the way that a hospital will develop a marketing strategy to market its services. The paper considers the way that marketing theory will be used to help identify and develop a plan, what marketing elements the plan should include and how the plan should be linked to the overall business plan. The paper looks at who the marketing plan will be developed it does not present a marketing plan. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • IBM Systems and Technology Marketing

    This 8 page paper examines the marketing approach of IBM Systems and Technology, part of IBM, in order to determine whiter or not they are a marketing orientated firm. The paper includes a discussion on the propose of marketing in a modern organization, a SWOT analysis of the marketing, consideration of the B2B model and the use of customer relationship management, the marketing mix and the general marketing strategy. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Marketing McDonalds

    This 15 page paper considers how the fast food chain McDonalds is and should be marketed, looking at the use of the marketing mix to attract the target markets considering the segments the company markets in line with concepts such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and personality types. The paper then considers how the marketing mix is used or could be used to create classic and operate conditioning. The paper focuses on the company’s marketing to children. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

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