Research Paper On Ethics In Marketing

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  • The Perception of Ethics in Marketing

    This 11 page paper presents research findings based on a questions provided by the student to assess the perceptions of the general public regarding the presence and influence of ethics in marketing. The paper presents an introduction, methodology, findings and analysis of findings. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Marketing Issues for Banks

    Written in four parts, this 18 page paper looks at several issues pertinent to the marketing of banks, such as the international bank HSBC. The first part pf the paper defines what it meant by a marketing audit as well as how and why it would be useful to a bank. The second part of the paper discusses the importance of innovation for banks. A marketing plan for a bank is suggested in the third part of the paper. The last part fo the paper looks at ethics in marketing, looks at the way other companies have approached ethics and considers how should approach their marketing in order to be ethical. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

  • The Ethics of Marketing to Children

    children are increasingly seen as a potential target market by marketers. The writer considers the potential ethical issues to marketing may need to consider when selling goods directly to children, when seeking to influence the children's perspective through indirect marketing. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography this five page paper

  • Marketing and Ethics

    In eight pages this paper considers marketing, the role of ethics, marketing research, advertisements, pricing, the American Marketing Association's Code of Ethics, and other pertinent topics. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • A Facebook Group for Students - The Marketing Strategy

    The writer presents an assessment of the target market and a proposal for a strategy to market a Facebook group with the aim of helping marketing and business students. The paper begins with an in-depth assessment of the profile and motivation of the target market and then looks at the way marketing may take place, including the use of word of mouth to create cost effective marketing. Nineteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this nineteen page paper.

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