Research Paper On Feminist Theory

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  • The Feminist Movement and Criminology

    This paper examines feminist theory as it has impacted criminology. Key theories such as the liberal feminist theory and radical feminist theory are detailed. There are twenty sources listed in this ten page paper.

  • Systems Theory and Feminist Viewpoints in Therapy

    This paper addresses feminist theory in relation to therapy. The author also discusses the similarities between feminist and systems theory in various therapeutic settings. This five page paper has three sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Constructing Knowledge and Feminist Theory

    This paper discusses feminist theory as seen in Lorraine Code's work, What Can She Know? The author also discusses the construction of knowledge as a common theme in feminist art. This eight page paper has no additional sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Two Theories, Domestic Violence

    This paper pertains to two theories that explain the causation of domestic violence, feminist theory and the social-ecological model. Four pages in length, four sources are cited.

  • Critique of Familie Theories

    Three pages. The writer briefly discusses structural functionalism, feminist theory, conflict theory and LBGT studies as they relate to family. Two sources cited.

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