Research Paper On File Management

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  • Information Management

    This 9 page paper is written in 4 parts. The first part looks at information management methods and system, including paper files, databases and management information systems. The second part of the paper considers storage issues, the third part looks at decision making and the last part of the paper outlines the stages to running a meeting. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • File Access Security Systems of UNIX

    UNIX file access security systems are examined in ten pages with such topics as the kernel, Kerberos, and the file permission system discussed. A figure and two tables are included and nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Use of PM Tools to Improve Project Management

    The writer looks at the way tools may be used to optimize project management. The writer look sat the way a previous small project has created lessons for a student to assess tools that may be used to manage projects in a reflective context. The general approach to project management, use of different management tools and management of teams are all discussed. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography this nine page paper.


    Examines the TQM and Administrative Management theories, and why they might be ineffective when it comes to the establishment, leadership and growth of a university center dedicated to teaching meeting management skills to women. There are 5 sources listed in the bibliography of this 4-page paper.

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