Research Paper On Gold

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  • Inflation and Gold as a Hedging Tool

    In twenty three pages this paper assesses the hedging tool suitability of gold to combat contemporary inflation with gold prices, the gold standard, and the Bretton Woods agreement among the topics of discussion. Eleven sources are listed in the bibliography with five graphs also included.

  • Gold Commodity and Market

    In eight pages gold is examines as a commodity and how it functions within the market in a consideration of performance, gold standard history, and the Bretton Woods Agreement. Seventeen sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Gold and Bettelheim: Fairy Tales

    This 4 page paper is a reaction to articles by Kari Gold and Bruno Bettelheim, in which the authors discuss fairy tales. The paper argues that Gold's approach is more accessible than Bettelheim's, who tends to go deeper into psychological examination of the stories than is supported by the text. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Gold and Urbanization in Johannesburg

    This research paper offers an extensive overview of the relationship between the discovery of gold and the subsequent gold economy of Johannesburg and its growth and urbanization. Twenty pages in length, thirty sources are cited.

  • Gold At Sutter’s Mill in California

    A 3 page summation and analysis of General John A. Sutter’s first-person account of the discovery of gold at his mill, which is the event that launched the California gold rush. Sutter relates what the event meant for him personally. No other sources cited.

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