Research Paper On Healthcare

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  • Comparing Healthcare in Zambia with Healthcare in United States

    The paper starts by considering the universal healthcare system available in Zambia, discussing the way in which the services provided, as well as the benefits and problems with the healthcare system. The paper then compares assistant United States, which includes a discussion on aspects such as costs and financing, basic healthcare philosophies, access and healthcare outcomes. 11 sources are cited in the bibliography this 14 page paper.

  • Healthcare Administration Leadership

    A 3 page essay that justifies pursuing a doctorate degree in healthcare administration. Doctorate education in healthcare administration is formulated to aid in the creation of highly motivated, advanced healthcare leaders, who can effectively address the challenges of today's healthcare system, as well as shape effective public policy for the needs of the future (Doctor in HA). The challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system, as well as the healthcare systems in all Western, industrialized societies, are formidable. Effective leadership in healthcare administration is a crucial factor in meeting these challenges. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Leadership in Healthcare

    A 4 page paper discussing effective leadership in healthcare. The paper discusses leader-member exchange as an appropriate leadership theory for healthcare, as well as the use of power in leadership. The paper identifies informal, positive power as being most effective in professional healthcare settings. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Should the US Adopt a Universal Healthcare System?

    This 5 page paper is an argumentative paper on the topic of whether or not the United States should adopt universal healthcare system similar to those found in countries such as Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The paper looks at the arguments for and against the adoption of universal healthcare system including issues such as cost and quality of care, and finishes with a conclusion in favor of universal healthcare. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

    Few people realize how vulnerable healthcare operations systems, from electronic health records to connected medical devices, are to cyber attacks. There have been major cyber attacks against some healthcare organizations involving millions of patient records. This essay discuses three major threats to healthcare operation systems. There are five sources used in this five page paper.a

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