Research Paper On Jack London

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  • 'The Iron' Heel' of Jack London

    This paper consists of a four page analysis of this Jack London story about 2 different versions of the same labor revolution.

  • Survival Stories of Jack London

    In five pages this paper discusses how Jack London successfully applied the Social Darwinism concept of 'survival of the fittest' to humans and animals in his novels The Sea Wolf, White Fang, and Call of the Wild. There are no other sources cited.

  • Themes in 'To Build a Fire' by Jack London

    In five pages this paper discusses the themes of life and death evoked by Jack London in his short story 'To Build a Fire.' Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Iron Heel by Jack London

    In four pages this paper discusses the 'manuscript' of Avis Everhard the narrator uncovered with 2 labor revolution interpretations presented in this story by Jack London.

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