Research Paper On Jet Engine Pdf

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  • General Electric's TF34 and CF34 Engines in Canadair Regional Jets

    In four pages the General Electric TF34 jet engine that is featured in the Canadair Regional Jet is examined as is its CF34 commercial counterpart. There is a PowerPoint presentation available with this paper. Six sources are cited in the bibliography and a one page outline is included.

  • The Jet Engine's Economic Forecast

    This paper provides an insight into the economic impact and possible future of the airline industry with respect to the jet engine. This five page paper has six sources listed in the bibliography.

  • General Electric TF34, CF34, and Canadair CRJ Regional Jet Engine

    In one page an outline that examines the Canadair Regional Jet's GE TF34 and its commercial CF34 engine in terms of its being quiet and fuel efficient with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation of twelve slides included. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • New Search Engine for the Chinese Market

    ABaidu is the dominant search engine utilized in China, the writer considers the way in which a new engine may be designed in order to compete effectively in gain a dominant position. The general environment, including the motivations and characteristics of the users and difficulties faced by other search engines in the country such as Google are all examined. Requirements for a new search engine, including the way that the new search engine may gain a competitive advantage and compete effectively are presented. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography this noneteen page paper.

  • Overview of the Engine of a Jet

    In seven pages this paper discusses types of jet engines in this informational overview. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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