Research Paper On Nanotechnology Ppt

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  • PPT list for USPS

    The list included is for the PPT presentation belonging to PG707540 on the USPS.

  • Parkinson's Disease: Speaker Notes

    This paper contains the speaker notes from a PowerPoint presentation, khPD.ppt, which offers a comprehensive overview of Parkinson's disease. Paper is five pages in length and the ppt is 12 slides long, six sources are cited.

  • Nanotechnology and Its' Use in the Human Body; It is Desirable or Ethical?

    Nanotechnology offers miniaturization of information systems and computing at the atomic level. With predictions of possible cures for cancer and other diseases comes the promise of enhanced physical and mental abilities. This 11 page paper discusses whether injecting nanotechnology into the body be acceptable, ethical or desirable, if long-term effects are not known. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Health Assessment/Steel Magnolias/PPT Speaker Notes

    This paper consists of the speaker notes for a corresponding PowerPoint presentation, khstelmspnot.ppt. The health assessment pertains to M'Lynn Eatenton in the film "Steel Magnolias," and focuses on her grief over the death of her daughter and the support of her friends. Six pages in length, the associated ppt has 11 slides and five sources are cited.

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