Research Paper On Power Weeder

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  • Howard Schultz Power and Influence

    The power and influence of Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks. The essay discusses who has power and influence over Schultz and who he has power over. Examples are given. The second section discusses what emotional intelligence is and how it relates to leadership and culture. There are seven sources used in this six page paper.

  • Organizational Communication and Personal Power

    This 12 page paper considers aspects of power, including power in organizations; the relationship of power to ideology and culture, symbolism and truth; the location of formal authority within a communication network; and what individual attributes can be considered sources of power. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Shakespeare and the Cost of Power

    In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at the cost of power in Shakespeare's tragedies. Richard III, As You Like It, and the Merchant of Venice, are examined for their thematic perceptions of power. Paper uses three sources.

  • The Development of a Solar Trash Compactor by SPC

    The writer examines the case of Seahorse Power Company, whose founder, John Pross, has developed a solar powered trash compactor. Using the case which was supplied, three questions are answered. The first concerns the entrepreneurial process of SPC. The second looks at financing for the firm, which is still relatively early in its life cycle. The third discusses additional markets that may be interested in a solar trash compactor. The paper is eight pages in length.

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