Research Paper On Productivity Improvement

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  • The Impact of Workplace Design on Productivity and Efficiency

    This 8 page paper discusses the impact workplace design can have on the productivity and efficiency of the people who work there. The writer first looks at the evolution of workplace design over time, a process aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency levels. The writer further argues that the psychological impact of design is the most important component in any type of improvements. There are 8 sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Productivity : Measuring And Improving

    A 14 page paper with headings and subheadings. The Introduction discusses productivity management, including Keane's six principles; Measuring productivity discusses five factors and includes comments on Business Process Reengineering; explanation of the Functions of management; the Benefits of productivity on five different levels; and suggestions for improving productivity. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Improving Quality in the Healthcare Sector

    The writer presents an overview of quality improvement in the healthcare sector. The concept and practice of quality improvement is considered along with some of the models which may be used to implement the improvements and why different people may view quality in different ways. Three sources are cited in the bibliography of to this four page paper.

  • Acme Widgets and Productivity Improvements

    In three pages this paper examines the changes necessary to improve Acme Widgets' productivity an discusses various implementations and considerations including employee layoffs as a last resort. There are no sources cited.

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