Research Paper On Social Media Marketing Pdf

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  • New Tools for Marketing

    Included in this report are names of companies who are using social media to market their products. Starbucks and Ford are successful with their social media marketing. The paper discusses why social media marketing is popular, the advantages and disadvantages, and impact over the next decade. There are six sources listed in the bibliography of this eight page paper.

  • Social Media Marketing: A Research Proposal

    In a paper of ten pages, the writer looks at social media marketing research. A research project involving a questionnaire is developed from a basic draft to expansive formal proposal. Paper uses four sources.

  • Niche Businesses and Effective Social Media Marketing

    In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at how social media can be used to market a niche business. The example of a log cabin building school is used to show how an expertise-centered approach can be effective in social media. Paper uses zero sources.

  • Electronic Media and Direct Marketing

    In thirteen pages direct marketing and the influence of electronic media such as the Internet and the marketing changes and adaptations that have resulted are considered within the context of the statement 'The power of the web…is as a direct marketing medium par excellence…the web or…email marketing…are simply new media offering new scope for the exercise of direct marketing skills.' Fifteen sources are listed inthe bibliography.

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