Research Paper On Social Networking Pdf

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  • Social Networking and its Future Implications for a Non Profit Making Organization

    This 22 page paper considers the potential impact that social networking may have on a non profit organization. After an introduction the paper considers three different methodologies before choosing one, and then looks at what is meant by social networking and the way it is undertaken and influencing society already. The paper then moves on to a consequence analysis, discuses the way it will impact in planning by looking at soft systems methodology and finally considering ethical implications. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

  • Redefining Privacy in Social Networks

    In a paper of four pages, the writer looks at privacy and social networking. The cultural conception of privacy may well be altered by social networks. Paper uses three sources.

  • Social Networking Does Not Enhance Life Skills

    Social networking is discussed. Both sides of the controversy on this new medium is included. The paper concludes that the sites are more negative than positive. There are five sources listed in the bibliography of this six page paper.

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