Research Paper On Ipv6 Download

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  • Designing Research; Why Do Music Users Download from Illegal Sources?

    This 10 page paper shows how research can be designed. Using the example of a music company that wants find out what music users download tracks illegally so they can devise a marketing strategy to encourage legal downloads. The paper identifies the potential sample, considers what data should be collected and how the sample may be most effectively approached and how the information should be collected and presents an outline for a questionnaire. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Strategic Challenges to the Music Industry

    The writer answers questions based on a case provided by the student (Out of Tune). The writer assesses the challenges faced by the music industry with the development of digital music downloads and P2P applications such as Napster. The failures of the music industry to react and the way that scenario may be described using an I/O approach, the resource based view (RBV) and the guerilla view. Three sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

  • IPv6

    In four pages this paper examines Internet Protocol Version 6 in terms of definition, function, and how it improves over the previous version 4. Two sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Downloading Music Legally

    In three pages this paper examines Internet music downloading form a legal standpoint and the benefits the music industry receives. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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