Research Paper On Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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  • Forensic Pathology Of Sudden Unexplained Death

    8 pages in length. Death of any origin requires a legal certificate that denotes the cause of demise, however, the reason for a death that is sudden and unexpected can keep prevent that cause field on the certificate blank for many months. Determining cause of death in this instance - which is defined as "those that do not result from a diagnosed terminal illness or other debilitating or deteriorating illness or condition where death is anticipated (natural death) unless the illness or condition is the result of an injury, whether intentional or not" (Washington State Department of Health, 2005) is the task of forensic pathologists who are not only trained in identifying the nature of disease and injury but also the "mechanisms of sudden death and subtle forms of homicide" (Washington State Department of Health, 2005). The criminal nature of forensic pathology provides the conduit between difficult police investigations and an appropriate criminal justice outcome. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Patau's Syndrome: Trisomy 13

    This 19 page paper discusses Patau's Syndrome, a genetic condition that afflicts appoximately one infant in every 10,000 live births. The condition causes trisomy 13 chromosome defect, a condition in which an extra and unwanted chromosome attaches to the fetus's DNA, throwing off the balance necessary for normal development and survival. These infants typically die within a few months of birth. This unwanted chromosome originates with either the egg or sperm, or at the first cell division following conception. There are 25 sources listed in the bibliography.

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