Research Paper On Terrorism In Pakistan

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  • Social Classes in Pakistan

    In seven pages this paper examines Pakistan's social class structure in an examination of people's lifestyles and how they vary socioeconomically.

  • Cyber-terrorism vs. Terrorism

    This research paper pertains to traditional terrorism vs. cyber-terrorism and discusses similarities and differences. The writer argues that cyber-terrorism constitutes a greater potential threat. Five pages in length, five sources are cited.

  • Pakistan's Tourism

    The tourism industry of Pakistan prior to and after September 11, 2001 is examined in four pages with terrorism's impact among the topics discussed. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Conflict Theory of Karl Marx and Views of Terrorism

    22 pages and 20 sources. This paper provides an overview of the processes involved in the development of terrorism and in the types of terrorism that have formed over the centuries. This paper provides an overview of the factors related to terrorist thinking, the causes and the implications of conflict theory in understanding recent acts of terrorism.

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