Free Research Papers On Business Ethics

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  • Business Ethics and Policy

    10 pages, 7 sources. This paper is an example of a proposal that would be created to determine a policy for business ethics. This paper outlines a proposal provided to an ethics committee of a board of directors for a company and discusses elements like the company ethics policy and ethics codes, as well as the way in which this policy relates to existing theories and research on business ethics. This paper is general and can be used to help define how company policy on ethics can be developed.

  • Two Articles Compared Regarding Business Ethics

    In a paper consisting of seven pages business ethics are considered as discussed in the opposing articles Sondra Wheeler's 'Christian Character: A Different Approach to Business Ethics' and Rushworth Kidder and Curtis Verschoor's 'Entering the Third Age of Ethics.' Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Business Ethics: An Overview

    In a paper of four pages, the writer looks at business ethics. Practical and moral justifications for business ethics are promoted. Paper uses two sources.

  • Examining Business Ethics

    The writer discusses the changes in ways of doing business in the last three decades, and examines the origins of business ethics. The writer asks whether ethics can be taught or must be ingrained, and also asks why businesses today abandon ethics for short-term profits. The paper is eight pages long and there are thirteen sources listed in the bibliography.

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