Research Paper On Automobile Safety System

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  • The Safety of Air Bag Use

    7 pages and 8 sources. This paper considers the impacts of air bags as they can improve the safety of automobiles. This paper not only considers their impact on improved safety, but also the controversies over their use in cars with young children.

  • Workplace Safety and OSHA

    In five page this paper discusses Occupational Safety and Health Association workplace safety meetings and how they can be used to promote goodwill.

  • Health and Safety and the Workers Compensation Scheme in New Zealand

    This 10 page paper examines the legislation and regulation of health and safety in the workplace in New Zealand. The workers compensation system administered by the ACC, put in place under health and safety legislation, with the aim of reducing risk in the work place as well as compensating sufferers of occupational injury or disease is discussed and the basis of the system, which has its' basis in the Woodhouse Report, is discussed with the principles used compared to the Meredith Principles. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Safety and Health

    In six pages this paper examines the workplace in terms of pertinent safety and health issues in terms of moral responsibility and also considers the Health and Safety Executive's role as well as the roles of a modern factory's health and safety committee, health and safety engineers, considers measures of health and safety along with risk assessment tool usage. Ten sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Maritime Transportation Systems: Safety and Security

    This 12 page paper gives an overview of the Maritime Transportation Systems and the problems in the various areas of the system. This paper includes issues such as safety and security in the transportation of goods. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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