Research Paper On Barack Obama

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  • Obama v. HItler, a Comparison

    This essay makes a comparision between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler in terms of leadership styles. It looks at questions like: Is Barack Obama a servant-leader? How effective and long-lasting is their work? This paper has 3 citations.

  • Barack Obama's Speech On March 18, 2008: Race

    3 pages in length. Titling his speech "A More Perfect Union," President-elect Barack Obama inspired listeners with the ideals of a nation that is written in constitutional purpose but as of today has yet to be realized. The primary focus of Obama's speech was to revisit this major discrepancy of American culture by way of illustrating how history has set a harmful precedent that must now be restructured to incorporate race as an all-encompassing and nurturing concept. No bibliography.

  • Obama and a Story of Race

    In a paper of three pages, the author reflects on the autobiography about Barack Obama's childhood and his development. The author considers the impacts of Obama's story to an interpretation of social and racial messages. There are two sources.

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