Research Paper On Midlife Crisis

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  • Midlife Crisis Triggers

    6 pages in length. Knowing what foretells one person going through a midlife crisis and another successfully bypassing it is not as clear-cut as it may seem. Myriad physiological, psychological and environment components play concurrent roles from what occurred - or did not occur - very early in life, develops through each subsequent decade and comes to rest in the person's mind as to what the future will bring. The unknown coupled with what has already transpired can bring about significant mental and physical changes that ultimately lead into a midlife crisis. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


    The writer explains why midlife crisis is a very real and difficult period for many people. Five sources are cited in this three-page paper.

  • Midlife Crisis and Men

    In nine pages this paper discusses 'male menopause' or men's midlife crisis in terms of definition, symptoms, and how to cope with them. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Management Approaches to Crisis

    Organization which face a need to change, stimulated by a crisis, may have an approach where they plan for change or where they plan to respond. The writer answers questions set by the students looking at different orientation towards change following a crisis, the roe of learning and the way perceptions of threat may impact on the degree to which an organization is prepared for a crisis. Six sources are cited in the bibliography of this six page paper.

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