Research Paper On Brand Management Pdf

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  • Analysis of an Article on Branding

    The writer critiques the article Brands, Brand Management & The Brand Manager System by Low and Fullerton. The paper is four pages long and there is one source listed in the bibliography.

  • Managing a Company's Branding

    The writer discusses the importance of correct brand management by the company and the customer sales representative. If the company fails to understand how to manage its brand properly, it cannot help its sales rep deal effectively with customers. The writer provides examples of material that should be provided by the company for use by its sales force. The paper is seven pages long and there are seven sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Global Setting and Strategic Brand Management

    In sixteen pages this paper discusses how corporations such as Gillette, Proctor and Gamble, Reebok, and Nike can maximize their returns and values through strategic management on a global scale. Seventeen sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Marketing and Brand Management at JetBlue

    JetBlue is one of the younger airlines in the US. The writer examines the role of marketing and branding and the way it has been strategically developed to support the firms success. Sixteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this ten page paper.

  • Global Branding And Global Brands

    An 8 page paper that begins with a discussion about brands and branding and the importance of branding. The essay then reports the most recognized brands and the top global brands, according to different reports. One report includes a comparison of the top brands in different geographic regions. Another study reports top brands in terms of brand value. Brands are identified. 1 Table included. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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