Research Paper On Capital Structure Pdf

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  • The Issue of Capital Structure

    Different issues concerning the make up of capital structure for a firm is discussed, including the benefits and problems of debt, the level of return expected by investors and the concept of an optimal capital structure. The firms; Adobe, T-Mobile and FedEx are all considered and the theories applied to assess their potential optimum capital structures. Six sources are cited in this five page paper.

  • Capital Structure of Ohio Casualty Corp

    This 6 page paper looks at the capital structure of Ohio Casualty Corp (OCAS), calculates the cost of capital for the company and considers what changes may or may not occur if the capital structure was changed. The paper then looks at what impact a change may have on market share and assesses the level of the cost of capital against the industry and competition. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • Issues of Capital Structure

    The debate regarding the potential for the existence of an optimal capital structure is one that is ongoing. The writer looks at a number of different theories regarding capital structure staring with equity arbitrage theorem and looking at pecking order and trade off theory. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper.

  • Does Intel Have an Optimal Capital Structure?

    The writer bases the paper on the theories of Modigliani and Miller, looking at the way in which the capital structure of Intel may be interpreted with the application of Equity Arbitrage theorem. The paper also considers the problems with Equity Arbitrage theorem looks at other aspects that may impact on the way optimum capital structure is assessed. Six sources are cited in the bibliography this seven page paper.

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