Research Paper On Cardiovascular Disease

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  • "Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease In Children With Type 1 Diabetes" - Brief Analysis

    3 pages in length. The general research problem Lipman et al (2000) attempt to address revolves around the relationship between children with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease as a complication. The predominant coupling of cardiovascular disease and Type 1 diabetes in children requires a greater understanding of environmental factors and the impact they have upon the presence of CVD in these afflicted children. Lipman et al (2000) seek to determine if preventive monitoring measures will serve to be an effective means by which to enable "early identification and treatment of known risk factors" (p. 160). The ultimate goal is to combat factors directly associated with cardiovascular disease and Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes in children, which the authors believe can be achieved by adopting a preventive approach. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Disease and Various Factors to be Considered

    In three pages this paper discusses the differing factors of cardiovascular disease and Tays Sachs Disease in this contrasting analysis. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Overview of Gene Therapy

    In ten pages in vivo gene therapy is examined in terms of research and the human genome project with disease control a primary focus with such topics as diabetes, hemophilia, cardiovascular disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and AIDS. Thirty six endnotes and twenty five biblographical sources are cited.

  • Fat Head, Super Size Me

    This research paper focuses on the films "Fat Head" and "Super Size Me" and discusses them in terms of the nutritional subjects broached in each film. The writer addresses the pros and cons of each film, as well as the way in which the films deal with the topics of saturated fat and the role of sugar in cardiovascular disease. Five pages in length, seven sources are cited.

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