Research Paper On Cbt

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  • CBT

    This paper considers CBT, or cognitive behaviour therapy, in terms of the methodology and the way it is used. The writer assesses CBT as a means of helping patients to cope better with personal issues through giving them a more positive way of behaving and feeling. This seven page paper has six sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Nailbiting and CBT

    This paper looks at CBT in relation to chronic nailbiting. The writer takes the approach that such behaviors which are often described as nervous or self-comforting may in fact represent more deeply-rooted anxieties on the part of the patient. The paper takes chronic cuticle biting as an example of this, and looks at cognitive behavior therapy or CBT as a means of addressing the issue. This four page paper has three sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Effectiveness of CBT With Schizophrenia

    This research paper presents an investigation of empirical literature that seeks to determine the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) as a treatment approach for schizophrenia. The author summarizes the content of the reviewed studies, which indicate that CBT is effective and is also cost efficient. Nine pages in length, twelve sources are cited.

  • Evaluation of a CBT session

    This is a paper which offers analysis of a session of CBT. There is an evaluation of the session and commentary by the writer on the counselor's methodology and the effectiveness of the session. The patient in the case study suffers from panic disorder, although the condition is not explained in detail. This seven page paper has eight sources listed in the bibliography.

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