Research Paper On Corporate Governance In Indian Banking Sector

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  • Indian Banks and Corporate Governance

    In thirteen pages Indian bank governance is considered in an examination of two state and two privately owned banks - Global Trust Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank Ltd., and ICICI Bank Ltd. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography, with five tables and two figures also provided.

  • Corporate Governance

    This 58 page paper look at the issue of corporate governance, including what it is, how it can emerge, different models of corporate governance, the approaches regulation including mandatory compliance and legislation which includes consideration of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and self regulation. Also included in are discussions on ethics in terms of corporate governance and cases, including Enron, Parmalat and Johnson & Johnson that demonstrate good and poor corporate governance practices. The bibliography cites 37 sources.

  • Banking Policy Adjustment

    Answering five questions on how a German bank can adapt to changing a US economy and policies are the focus of this six page paper that includes management of new corporate governance SEC rules and other corporate lending deductions and also advocates banks increasing other revenues while reducing costs at the same time. There are three bibliographic sources cited.

  • Comparison of British and Libyan Corporate Governance

    Good corporate governance is seen as needed for the development of an economy and attracting investors. The writer looks at cooperate governance, and how good corporate governance may be identified and then compares Libya with the UK. Sixteen sources are cited in this twenty page paper.

  • Innovation for Internet Banking - A Research Proposal

    The banking industry has changed a great deal, the use of internet banking has become more popular and reduced the level of differentiation between banks. The writer proposes research to find ways for banks so undertake innovation within the internet banking sector. Ten sources are cited in the ten page paper.

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