Research Paper On Drug Testing For Welfare

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  • The Necessity of Mandatory Drug Testing

    In this 5 page essay the author contends that mandatory drug testing is critical for certain occupations. Those that work in positions that could directly affect our health and welfare if they were to err in the performance of thier duties, individuals such as those that pilot our commercial planes, those that transport our children back and forth to school and those that operate heavy machinery, must be tested on a regular basis. Supreme Court decisions on this matter are highlighted. 3 sources are cited.

  • Exploring the Legality and Ethics of Drug Screening at Work

    There is no proof that drug testing identifies more than a very small number of drug abusers, but test results are used to discriminate against employees and job candidates. These are just a couple of the issues explored in this 5 page argumentative with 4 references.

  • When To Test Employees for Drugs

    As drug laws tighten and companies become concerned about being held liable for an employee's actions, more and more are turning to drug testing. This paper discusses criteria that should be used in deciding whom to test. This paper has two and a half pages and five sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Public Schools and Drug Testing

    In six pages public school drug testing of students involved in extracurricular school activities is discussed in terms of the Earl v. Tecumseh case and legal ramifications connected with such school drug tests. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Canadian Drug Testing in the Workplace

    Employers in Canada face legislative restrictions concerning their abilities to test employees for drugs. This foundation level paper discusses the employer responsibilities, when they can test and the related issues of privacy. The paper is three pages in length.

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